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Bid Number: Emergency-700 N. US 491 Hwy
Bid Title: Emergency-8" Waterline Repairs (McDonalds North)
Category: Emergency Procurements
Status: Closed


Emergency Justification For: 

700 North US 491

Dated: 15 July 2021


The City of Gallup, New Mexico determined that the following emergency exists.  Describe emergency. 

There is a major water main break by 700 North US HWY 491 (McDonald’s North), it is in a congested utility area and a significant number of restaurant and retail businesses are without water. Loss of this line results in the following:

  1. There is a loss of fire protection along a 2 block area for the Heritage Plaza and surrounding businesses.
  2. Loss of this line effects flow and pressure throughout the Heritage Plaza area and results in significantly lower fire flows for all businesses.
  3. Loss of this line causes water quality issues for the Heritage Plaza area and surrounding businesses, mainly McDonald’s North. Is a highly congested area for restaurant as well as shopping plaza adjacent to McDonald’s.

 The existence of the emergency condition creates an immediate and serious need for services, construction or items of tangible personal property that cannot be met through normal procurement methods and the lack of which would seriously threaten:

  1. the functioning of government;
  2. the preservation or protection of property; or
  3. the health or safety of any person.


Contract award details and required statutory information is as follows:

  1. Name of Agency & Contact Information:

City of Gallup

         Frances Rodriguez, CPPB

         P.O. Box 1270

         Gallup, NM 87305

         505-863-1334 phone

         505-722-5133 fax



  1. Name of Contractor & Address:





         Amount of prospective contract: Unknown


         Term of prospective contract: One-time repair 


  1. Please thoroughly list the services (scope of work), construction or items of tangible personal property of the contract:
  1. Repair 8” AC Water Line to include remove asphalt, excavation for existing underground utility lines, remove mud, repair 30 LF PVC Water line and backfill.  There were two separate repairs done in two places but within the same day.  The 2nd break failed about four hours after energizing the line after the 1st break.  It was feasible to utilize the same contractor for both waterline breaks.
  1. Provide an explanation for the justification of the procurement including a description of the emergency condition(s) requiring use of emergency procurement and the practicable competition utilized in compliance with NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-127.
  1. Current water department personnel are short-staffed, as we are currently working 2 other leak sites.
  2. Due to a possible depth (8-10 ft) and congested utilities near the break; equipment capacity for a safe excavation and repair is beyond city capabilities at this time.


  1. Please describe what measures are being taken to minimize the duration and effect of this particular emergency procurement (for example: is the emergency only in place until a competitive process can be completed, etc.
  1. Contractor will provide the necessary equipment that can do the work in a minimum amount of time and has personnel that are rested. In addition,  contractor is currently providing repairs under a competitively bid project and is physically near the emergency repairs needed.
  2. The City is in the process of creating a scope of work for on-call repair services for this type of work in the future. 


  1. Describe what measures the Agency will take in the future to prevent/mitigate use of an emergency procurement under similar circumstances.


  1. This section of line is on the Capital Improvement Plan to be replaced soon along with isolation / shut off valve installation to minimize affected businesses in the event of future incidents. 


            Any questions regarding award may be submitted via fax, email, or regular mail using the  contact information above (I).  


            This emergency procurement is per City of Gallup Procurement Code and statutes  (NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-127).


Publication Date/Time:
7/15/2021 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
7/22/2021 5:00 PM
Contact Person:
Frances Rodriguez
Business Hours:
M-F, 8am-5pm
Fax Number:
(888) 920-0611
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