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Vendor Registration Form


  1. 1. General Instructions
  2. 2. Vendor Information
  3. 3. Bid Remittance Address
  4. 4. Upload Form W-9
  5. 5. Commodities Offered
  • General Instructions

    1. City of Gallup Vendor Registration
      This form is for entities wishing to register as a vendor to sell products and/or services to the city.
    2. Sales Tax Exemption
      The City of Gallup issues Type 9 Nontaxable Transaction Certificates (NTTC's) and is tax exempt for purchases of TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY ONLY. These certificates may not be used to purchase construction materials to be used in construction projects. To receive an NTTC, please contact our office at (505) 863-1334. Determinations for applicable tax classification should be made by the Taxation and Revenue Department or your tax consultant.
    3. IRS Form W-9
      You will be asked to attach a current copy of your IRS form W-9 in PDF format. For faster service, please have this form ready for upload.