What are the most common problems and how can I avoid them?
  • Using unlicensed contractors for work. There are numerous liability issues for the owner should something go wrong in this situation. Using a licensed contractor ensures the use of licensed journeymen as required by law.
  • Failure to conform to all applicable codes. The State International Construction codes, in addition to local codes and ordinances, shall be utilized for all building permits issued.
  • Failure to pay all applicable permit costs. City ordinances determine the fees due for your project. Payment is required for all permits. There is an additional charge for Plan Checking and a Zone Check Fee included with the Permit Fee.
  • Red Tagging. The Building Inspector will stop work when the project is not in compliance or if the required permit(s) are missing on a job. You'll avoid a work stoppage by complying with the appropriate codes. Any project that has been red tagged shall be assessed a "double fee" when a permit is acquired.
  • Non-compliance with zoning ordinances. All permits must comply with the city zoning ordinances. Call ahead to learn about specific requirements and avoid disappointment.

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