When is my project inspected?
You must call for an inspection at the following stages:
  • Footing/Foundation Inspection. Prior to pouring concrete (reinforcement must be in place).
  • Concrete Slab / Under Floor Inspection. Prior to pouring concrete. Be sure to call for plumbing and/or electrical inspection(s) prior to your footing and foundation inspection.
  • Framing Inspection. After framing is completed and prior to sheetrock installation. Plumbing top out, mechanical and electrical rough-in inspections must be completed prior to framing inspection.
  • Inspection required after lath or gypsum board is installed. This must be done prior to stucco installation.
  • Final Inspection. Please call for plumbing, mechanical and electrical final inspections prior to your general construction final inspection.

NOTE: The City inspector will not conduct any general construction inspections until the plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspections have been passed.

Failure to obtain all required inspections will result in the permit becoming null and void.

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