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Posted on: February 12, 2021

Tips To Help Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

7 Tips to help keep your pipes from freezing


  1.  During freezing temperatures,
    (and when you are away from your home for few days) -
    • Keep a cold water faucet (located on the far side of the house from the street) dripping slowly.
  2. Cover all exposed outside faucets.
  3. If your water line runs under your driveway or sidewalk, clear your driveway or sidewalk of all snow/ice.
  4. Ensure all exposed piping under, or outside of your home is insulated.
  5. Do not tamper with your water meter or its insulation.
  6. Keep your home at a higher temperature during subzero temperatures.
  7. Keep doors to rooms with faucets open to allow air to circulate around pipes.


If water from your pipes stops flowing during a cold spell:


  1. Call utility Dispatch at 505-863-1200 immediately.
    (calling any other city agency will delay the response to your home)
  2. Clear all snow/ice from between the water meter and your home.
  3. Your home will be visited by water department personnel in the order reported.

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