TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2018; 6:00 P.M.


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Jackie McKinney, Mayor

  Linda Garcia, Councilor, Dist. 1       Allan Landavazo, Councilor, Dist. 2
Yogash Kumar, Councilor, Dist. 3       Fran Palochak, Councilor, Dist. 4

Maryann Ustick, City Manager
Curtis Hayes, City Attorney


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Special and Regular Meetings of August 14, 2018

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Discussion/Action Topics


City of Gallup and United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), Local 1629, Contract Re-Opener Agreement


The City of Gallup and the UMWA, Local 1629 have reached an agreement on a contract re-opener based on the provisions of Article II, Section G., of the existing collective bargaining agreement and addenda settlement agreements. The agreement entails an increase in Employer contributions for Health Insurance premiums; a 2% wage increase and foregoing an economic re-opener in October. The effective date of the 2% wage increase for bargaining unit members will be on the first full pay period in October while the increase in Health Insurance cost share will start the first full pay period in September which follows the insurance plan year. The bargaining unit is comprised of blue collar-type positions as indicated in the attached classification list.

Fiscal Impact:
A budget adjustment is needed for proposed agreement for wages and associated benefits of $10,868 to cover early implementation of the increase. This includes 3 pay periods not previously budgeted.
Staff recommends City Council approval of the Contract Re-Opener Agreement and budget increase
Speaker's Name
Klo Abeita

City of Gallup and Gallup Professional Firefighters Association, Local 4296, Contract Settlement Agreement

The City of Gallup and Gallup Professional Firefighters Association, Local 4296 have reached an agreement on a contract re-opener based on the provisions of Article 38 of the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and addenda settlement agreements. This agreement entails an increase in Employer contributions for Health Insurance premiums effective September 1, 2018 which follows the insurance plan year; a 1% wage increase that will be effective on the first full pay period following City Council approval of the agreement with an additional 1% wage increase effective the first full pay period in January, 2019.  Furthermore, this agreement extends the existing CBA to January 18, 2020.  The bargaining unit is comprised of Firefighter I’s, Firefighter II’s and Fire Lieutenants.
Fiscal Impact:
The budget increase for proposed agreement for wages and associated benefits is $3,487 to cover six (6) pay periods.
Staff recommends approval of the Settlement Agreement and budget adjustment to fund wages & benefits
Speaker's Name
Klo Abeita

Resolution No. R2018-23; Approving Grant Application Submission and If Awarded, Implementation of a Bureau of Reclamation Grant to Replace Gallup Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Mechanical Water Meters

 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Grant Application #BOR-DO-18-F009 allows for costs associated with the selection, purchase and installation of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) water meters with newer, more accurate Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices.  If the grant is approved, the BOR will provide $60,000 in funds for this effort, with the City of Gallup matching the $60,000 with funding and in-kind services.  In-Kind matching funds, in the amount of $20,000, will come from grant administrative and staff wages to install water meters, travel, equipment, and vehicle use.  Funding of $40,000 for matching funds was approved in the FY19 budget, which can be used to provide the remainder of the $60,000 match for the grant.
Fiscal Impact:
506-6063-444-45-90, Line item: 00400 has been approved in this FY's budget for $40,000 to be used toward matching funds with grants. Remaining $20,000 of match will come from in-kind services.
Staff recommends approval of Resolution R2018-___
Speaker's Name
Elizabeth Barriga

Appointment of Tracy Lassiter to the Sustainable Gallup Board

Mayor Jackie McKinney and Bill Bright, Chairman of the Sustainable Gallup Board, are proposing the appointment of Tracy Lassiter to serve on the Sustainable Gallup Board.
Fiscal Impact:
Appoint Tracy Lassiter to the Sustainable Gallup Board.
Speaker's Name
Mayor Jackie McKinney

Construction Contract Award For East Ciniza Drive Reconstruction Project

SummarySubject project is a complete roadway reconstruction of Ciniza Drive from Toltec Drive to Vanden Bosch Parkway with curb, gutter, and sidewalks.  Roadway base will be reconstructed, and asphalt surface will be replaced.  Curb, gutter, and sidewalks on Ciniza Drive will be reconstructed and improved for pedestrian safety.  Water and sewer mains within the street will also be replaced.

The Engineer of Record and construction quality assurance is DePauli Engineering and Surveying of Gallup, NM.   Time for completion is 120 days.

City Staff opened bids on 24 July 2018.  There were only two bidders.  Bid tabs are provided by attachment (a).  Engineer’s cost estimate is provided as Attachment (b).

Fiscal Impact:  TLC Company of Albuquerque, NM submitted the apparent low bid of $1,646,581.79 including NMGRT.  Project budget is $782,150 short.  See the current estimated project budget provided as Attachment (c).

City Staff considers TLC Company to be the “responsive low bidder” and their bid to be a “fair and reasonable” price.  Staff recommends:

  1. Award of the City’s construction contract in the amount of $1,646,581.79 including NMGRT to TLC Company of Albuquerque, NM.  Engineer of Record's award recommendation is provided by Attachment (d).
  2. Transfer $460,000 from the Environmental Surcharge Tax fund into the project budget for the utilities reconstruction.
  3. Transfer $322,150 within the City's bond from from the Hasler Valley Drainage Improvement Project into the project budget for the roadway reconstruction.
Fiscal Impact:
See description/comments above.
See description/comments above.
Speaker's Name
Stanley Henderson

Budget Adjustment for FY 19 Fire Protection Fund Distribution and EMS Fund Distribution

The City of Gallup Fire Department is requesting approval of FY 19 Fire Protection Distribution Award of $565,577.00. Specific break-down of $141,729.00 for NMFA loan for Fire Station 4 (construction loan) leaving a balance of $423,848.00 to be distributed in Fund 209 Revenue & Expenditures for approved Capital Outlay projects and continued operational support.

In addition, the Gallup Fire Department is requesting approval of EMS Grant Funds of $13,069 to be placed in Fund 206 EMS Fund Revenue and Qualified Expenditures for the purpose of  Emergency Medical Support.

Lastly, the Gallup Fire Department is requesting approval for a budget adjustment of FY 18 balance cash and expenditures of:
Fund 209 in the amount of $352,040.00 
Fund 206 in the amount of $541.00
For continued operational support.

Fiscal Impact:
Budget adjustment of: Fund 206 increase of $13610.00 / Grant Revenue and Expenditures Fund 209 increase of $917,618.00 / Grant Revenue and Expenditures
Staff recommends approval of the budget adjustment
Speaker's Name
Jesus "Chuy" Morales

Request for Budget Adjustment for Wastewater Collections Miscellaneous Improvements Line Item

Summary:  During the FY19 Budget Process, the City Council determined that ICIP Funds for Wastewater Projects would be provided from Fund 202 – Environmental Surcharge, for FY19 Wastewater Projects.

The $250,000 Wastewater Collections Miscellaneous Improvements Line item, was inadvertently listed as being funded from Fund 202, specifically 202-1525-474.48-45.  Funds are available to fund line item 508-6062-443.48-45 from the Wastewater Enterprise Fund (Fund 508).

Staff requests that the Wastewater Collections Miscellaneous Improvements Line item funding source be changed from 202-1525-474.48-45 to 508-6062-443.48-45.

The Wastewater Enterprise funding source is more appropriate, as one of the purposes of the line item is to respond to unforeseen system repairs and improvements, which can be a combination of Operation and Maintenance Issues, as well as Capital issues.

Fiscal Impact:  Increase of $250,000 in available funds to Fund 202, Environmental Surcharge Fund, and potential expenditures up to $250,000 to Fund 508, Wastewater Enterprise Fund.

Recommendation:  Recommend approval to change the Wastewater Collections Miscellaneous Improvements line item source from 202-1525-474.48-45 to 505-6062-443.48-45 with necessary budget adjustments.

Fiscal Impact:
See above.
See above.
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Request to Approve Change Order No. 1 for Construction of Park Pump Station to Grandview Tank 16- inch Transmission Water Main – Formal Bid No. 1717

During the February 28, 2018 Regular Council Meeting The City of Gallup (City) approved the bid award of the subject project to Adame Construction, the lowest responsive bidder.  The bid award was in the amount of $751.017.21.  The bid award was significantly lower than the $1,000,000 budgeted for the project in the City ICIP, in line item 306-6063-444.48-99 Project No. JU1849.

Unfortunately, completion of the project will require additional excavation, backfill and 30-inch steel casing to install the waterline at the Second Street (NM610) crossing to a depth to maintain clearances with existing utilities at field determined locations, which will add a total of $72,919  to the project cost via Change Order No. 1 (Attachment 1).

By approving Change Order 1, the project can proceed and be closed out by the end of August 2018.  

There is a remaining project balance of $152,850.25, as engineering and construction management costs were also budgeted from this line item.  If Change Order 1 is approved, the project can be closed out with a remaining balance of $79,932.11.

Fiscal Impact:
Fiscal Impact of $72,919 to ICIP Line Item 306-6063-444.48-99
Staff recommends of Change Order 1 to Formal Bid No. 1717 in the amount of $72,919
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Request to Purchase a Replacement Water Loading Station System for East Side Water Loading Plant and Associated Budget Transfer

The City of Gallup (City) opened bids for the installation of a bulk water fill station purchasing and accounting system for its Bataan Water Loading Station located at 412 Bataan Veterans’ Road on May 24, 2018, with Elemech, Inc. of Aurora, IL being selected as the lowest responsive bidder.  Council approved the purchase and installation of two units during its June 26, 2018 Regular Meeting. 


Both units have been installed at a total cost of $68,000, and are working well.  During July 2018, operational issues arose with the bulk water loading station located at the East Plant off of Hasler Valley Road.  After consulting with IT Staff and attempting to obtain assistance from the equipment manufacturer which is now out of business, Utilities Staff spoke with the Elemech, Inc. Project Engineer and requested a cost quote for a new system at the East Plant.  The cost proposal received from Elemech was $24,000, which is less than that for the Bataan Station due to (1) the lack of requirement for a coin based system at the East Plant and (2) the lack of a tight time constraint to install the system.


Funds for the purchase and installation of the unit are available in account 306-6063-444.48-20, Project No. JU1850, which has a $6,800 balance remaining after the purchase and installation of both units for the Bataan Water Loading Station units. The remaining $17,200 can be transferred from 506-6063-444.48-99, the Water Distribution Repair fund.


The vendor has agreed to provide and install a unit for the East Side Plant, and City Purchasing Staff have agreed that the bid award can be extended for another unit, using the original bid as a basis for the award.
Fiscal Impact:
Fiscal Impact of $24,000; $6,800 from 306-6063-444.48.20 and a transfer of $17,200 from 506-6063-444.48-99, the Water Distribution Repair fund.
Staff recommends approval of purchase of new water fill station purchasing system for the East Side
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Acceptance of Easement for Electric Extension to New Rehoboth Christian High School

The Electric Department has requested an easement to install and operate underground cables and a padmount transformer to provide electric service to the new Rehoboth Christian High School.  The easement was requested as a condition to be met prior to the City issuing a certificate of occupancy.  The electric extension has been installed and is in service. The requested easement has been provided by the school.
Fiscal Impact:
No fiscal impact.
Staff recommends acceptance of the easement document provided by the school.
Speaker's Name
Curtis Hayes

Budget Adjustment for NCI Liquor Excise Tax

The FY 19 Liquor Excise Tax has allocated $835,000 for the Administration of Detox and Shelter Care Services. Originally $800,000 was entered into the budget from the General Fund because of the delay in the FY 19 Liquor Excise Tax (LET) resolution between the City and the County. An additional $35,000 needs to be added to meet the amount of the contract. 
Fiscal Impact:
The LET Revenue will replace general funds in the amount of $835,000. A budget adjustment of $35,000 needs to be made to meet the total amount of the grant.
Approve budget adjustment in the amount of $35,000 in Liquor Excise Tax funds to fully fund detox
Speaker's Name
Debra L. Martinez
  1. FY19 NCI LET.pdf

Presentation and Information Items


Quarterly Behavioral Health Program Reports

A quarterly update on Behavioral Health Programs. 
Fiscal Impact:
Presentation only
Speaker's Name
Debra L. Martinez and Sindy Bolanos-Sacoman

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