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Gallup is THE destination for outdoor adventures, culture seekers, and art lovers. This is as real and authentic as it gets- Native American Culture, steeped in tradition, and a town surrounded by some of the best outdoor recreation destinations and trails in the Southwest.

Where is Gallup?

All of our exits take you to Historic Route 66, which follows along the highway on the south side of the interstate.

•Exit 16: Western Gallup: Access to hotels and the Mentmore trailhead of the High Desert Trail System

•Exit 20: NM 602: Access to Northside shopping area and the western end of Downtown Gallup, Gamerco Trail Head of the High Desert Trail System

•Exit 22: Central Gallup: Access to downtown, the historic El Rancho Hotel, shopping, Ford Canyon Park

•Exit 26: Eastern Gallup: Access to hotels, movie theatre, Fire Rock Casino and Red Rock Park

•Exit 33: NM 400 McGaffey: Access to the Zuni Mountain Trail System, Ft Wingate

Gallup has a beautiful and comprehensive tourism website with information about all of our beautiful assets, shopping, and where to play and stay.  Visit for more information about how to build an incredible experience in our community.