Submit to Events Calendar

The City of Gallup Tourism and Marketing Department is seeking submissions for both its print and digital calendars for event dates in 2021and beyond. Anyone is welcome to submit events for the calendars as long as they meet the following criteria for submission:

1. The event is a minimum of 6 weeks out.

2. You can provide specific dates (time are not needed)

3. You can provide a photo with no text to accompany your listing for digital calendars

4. You can provide a website or Facebook page or event that has more details so that people can find out ways to attend your event.

5. Your event welcomes anyone from the public both local and outside of Gallup.

Submitted events will also get listed with and Submissions require a photo with no words.

This year’s deadline is important as the City of Gallup Tourism and Marketing Department be attending the International Media Marketplace and the IPW Media Marketplace this coming spring and can continue to pitch our annual events. (In addition, many tour groups need to know your dates two years out, so if you know your dates for the next two years you can submit those too!)

To submit an event CLICK HERE

 If you have any questions call the Tourism Department at 505-863-1227.