City Manager Staff

The following staff members and directors are responsible for the key departments in the city government. Please click on the staff member's name for their department and contact information. You also can download our organization chart.

Department Director
Assistant City Manager Jon DeYoung
City Attorney George W. Kozeliski
City Clerk Alfred Abeita
Electric Richard Matzke
Finance Patricia Holland
Fire Department Eric Babcock
Human Resources Klo Abeita
Information Technology Services Brian Archuleta
Octavia Fellin Public Library Mary Ellen Pellington
Parks and Recreation Vince Alonzo
Planning and Development C.B. Strain
Police Department Phil Hart
Public Works Stanley Henderson
Water and Sanitation Dennis Romero

The following are non-departmental personnel that report to the City Manager.
Function Director/Manager
Fox Run Golf Course
Operated by New Mexico State University under contract
Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation Patricia Lundstrom