Recycling in Gallup

Recycling Center
Earth recycle symbol.PNG Q: Where can you find Recycling in Gallup or McKinley County?
Answer: At two City of Gallup locations: Larry Brian Mitchell Rec Center + Ford Canyon, the Northwest New Mexico Solid Waste Authority's (RSWA) transfer station located on Hasler Valley Rd, and also with private and community organizations.

For complete details about recycling opportunities, please download the Recycling Guide.

Gallup Community Recycling Bins Open Mon through Sat 8:30—5:30 pm

Ford Canyon
908 E. Buena Vista Ave, Gallup NM
Larry Brian Mitchell Recreation Center
701 Montoya Blvd, Gallup NM

  • Corrugated cardboard, Brown paper;
  • Plastic - All #1 and #2 such as clean plastics such as water, milk, & detergent bottles, berry & lettuce boxes;
  • Tin/steel cans (clean);
  • Aluminum, Tin/Steel cans (clean);
  • Mixed paper- Books, Junk Mail, Phone books, Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Shredded paper, (Gray-board: Cereal boxes, Beverage can holders).

Items NOT Accepted at All 3 Locations:
  • NO Hardback Books
  • NO Frozen Food or Aseptic Cartons
  • NO Plastic Bags
  • NO Old Heavy Type Glass TV

Rswa Regional Transfer Station

located at 107 Hasler Valley Road in Gallup.
Phone: (505) 863-5776.
Open Monday through Saturday 8 am to 4:30 pm.

RSWA will accept:
  • Aluminum, Metal, and Tin;
  • Corrugated Cardboard;
  • Brown paper Bags;
  • Mixed Paper includes: Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk mail, and Office Paper (place Phone Books in separate / designated bin only);
  • #1 & #2 Plastic Bottles only;
  • most Electronic Waste (such as computers, servers, network equipment, server racks, flat screen monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines. phones, computer battery back-ups, UPS batteries, microwaves, computer mice and keyboards); and
  • Small Appliances;
Additional Items ONLY the RSWA Transfer Station will accept:
  • Batteries / All Types
  • Electronics with Batteries or with cords such as Computer Monitors
  • Appliances / Small (there is a flat $7 drop-off fee for large appliances 300 lbs and less; additional charges apply for appliances over 300 lbs)
  • Flat Screen TV (there is a Drop-off fee: $7 for TVs (not recycled))

If you have any questions please call the RSWA @ (505) 863-5776 or the Solid Waste Department (505) 863-1212.