Our Mission and Values

The primary mission of the Gallup Police Department (GPD) includes the protection of life and property; resolution of conflict; creating and maintaining a feeling of security in the community; proactively reducing the opportunities for the commission of crime; identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders of the laws; and the preservation of peace. We accept as a part of our mission the responsibility to provide for a quality of life in our community.


Our Department embraces, accepts and agrees to abide by the full meaning of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. Our decisions are based on statutory laws, our own policies and application of laws. We are committed to professional behavior, honesty in all of our professional and personal dealings, and the continuous improvement of ourselves and the services we provide. We take extraordinary care to treat the public with fairness, dignity and respect while protecting ourselves from harm and providing for our and their personal safety.

Our Customers

The public we serve are the customers for the service we provide. As with any business, we value and respect the needs of our customers and continuously strive to provide them public safety services in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

Our Personnel

The GPD places as much importance and concern in the fair treatment of our personnel as we do in the treatment of the community which we serve. It is the Department's responsibility to ensure our personnel are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. The leadership of the Department and all other members of the Department recognize our responsibility to facilitate open and honest discussion; to respect the needs and opinions of others; and to provide for the intellectual and professional growth of our members through training and education. Our treatment of each other must be on par with our treatment of the community.


We are a public service agency staffed by professionals. Our presence in the community helps provide a sense of safety and well being for our customers. Our conduct earns us respect and admiration by the law-abiding and the law violators.

Concern for the Community

While maintaining a high visibility, we accept our responsibility to be a part of the community's pride and trust; to anticipate and serve the safety needs of out customers; and to be an interactive part of our community and its organizations. We must always strive to be seen as a part of our community rather than apart from our community.