Rebate Forms

This list has all current City of Gallup utility water and energy efficiency rebate programs. You may download these forms         (PDF format), complete them and return to us for processing. See application forms for complete details on each rebate program.

  • High-Efficiency (HE) Toilet and Showerhead Rebate: For City of Gallup Residential or Commercial businesses utility customers- to replace older than 1994 water-guzzling toilets, and showerheads and get a utility bill credit rebate from the city. 
  • Residential customers can get:
    • $100 for the first toilet
    • 75  for the second toilet
    • $ 50  for the third toilet 
  • Commercial customers can get a $75 utility bill credit for each older than 1994 toilet.
  • HE Clothes Washer Rebate: Get $100 back when you replace your old top-loading washer with an approved high-efficiency clothes washer (Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier rating of 1, 2, or Advanced Tier efficient model.

  • Rain Barrel Rebate: Help capture rain water and get a $30 rebate for two rainbarrels
  • REFRIGERATOR Rebate: Trade in your energy hog, old refrigerator with a (Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier rating of 2 or 3) or Energy Star labeled efficient model. Click the CEE weblink on the rebate application to check and see if your NEW refrigerator model qualifies, fill it out, and get a $30 rebate credit.
  • Xeriscaping Rebate: Get a rebate for replacing irrigated turf grass with an approved xeriscape landscape ($25 for every 100 square feet replaced).