Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement Officers administer City ordinances related to zoning, property maintenance codes, public health and safety. They assist our community in resolving issues such as unsafe structures, abandoned or inoperable vehicles, unkempt properties, high weeds and other similar concerns.

Under Title 4, Chapter 10 of the city code and the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code,  Code Enforcement Officers have the authority to address and give notice to the property owner(s) for violations of any relevant city code ordinances regarding public nuisances or other violations. If you observe a problem that you believe is a code violation, please contact Code Enforcement at 505.863.1240 or you can report an issue through SeeClickFix.

If you are a property owner and received a notice from Code Enforcement, please contact us to speak with Code Enforcement about your options for compliance. If an extension is needed, please utilize the Extension Request form and submit to Planning & Development.

If you are requesting an extension on your code enforcement case, please complete the following form below. Be sure to complete the application below and be as detailed as possible on why you are requesting an extension and what you have completed to date. Once you have completed the form, please sign and return it back to our department for review and processing. Any and all action taken on your request will be sent to you via USPS. You are welcome to contact our office at (505) 863-1240 for the status on your request.