Rules and Regulations

City of Gallup Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations to Be Followed for Lap and Recreational Swim
1. Running or pushing is not allowed anywhere in the facility. Climbing through or over the steel railing is prohibited. Horseplay is not accepted. Violators will be suspended.
2. Obey all lifeguards and personnel for your safety.
3. If no guard is on duty, patrons are not allowed in the pool.
4. State Law E1. You are required to take a cleansing (soap and water) shower before putting on your swim wear and entering the pool. All swimmers are required to follow this rule to help prevent the spread of Cryptosporidium.
5. It is also recommend for you to take a cleansing shower after you get out of the pool.
6. If you have had any stomach problems (diarrhea or vomiting) within the last 48 hours, swimming is not allowed. This is to help prevent the spread of Cryptosporidium.
7. Drinks, food, or gum are NOT ALLOWED in the pool or on deck, or in locker rooms. Water bottles must be placed by the wall or on the bleachers.
8. Coaches, sponsors, chaperons, and parents: Monitor your children and students when they are in the locker rooms. You are responsible for them and their actions.
9. During open swim, flotation devices, tubes and/or toys are not permitted.
10. Open Swim: Children six years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult or someone at least 18 years of age while in the water at all time. (Two- on- One)
11. Two lap lanes are available in the competition pool for laps at all times and sessions.
12. Early Bird Laps: Share lanes when asked to, swim length of the pool, do not swim zigzag or width of the pool, use courtesy with other lap swimmers. Swimmers must be atleast 15 years old and swim length of the pool.
13. Open Lap Swim: Any one 14 years old or younger must be able to swim the the length of the pool.
14. In case of thunder and Lightning- the pool will close for electrical storms. If lightning strikes within 3 to 8 miles of the pool, we will close and remain closed for 30 minutes after the last sound or lightning strikes. We do not give refunds if we must close the pool due to thunder and lightning.


1. You must wear swimwear; no t-shirts or cutoffs. Girls may not wear shorts over the suit.
2. Do not wear underwear under swimsuit. Swim shorts and swimsuits must have liners.
3. Infants to 4 years old must wear swim pant or plastic pants. Disposable diapers are not allowed. No plastic pants or swim pants, no swim.
4. Long hair must be braided, tied back with rubber band or covered with a swim cap.
5. Jewelry should be removed prior to swimming.
6. Please do not bring valuables to the pool; leave them home or in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please lock your locker.
7. You must supply your own lock for lockers. At the end of your swim, it must be removed or it will be cut off.
8. Goggles are recommended. Snorkels or water masks that cover the nose are not allowed to be used in any pool.
9. Corrective lenses should be worn when necessary.

Water Slide Rules

1. Slide feet first.
2. Slide sitting up or laying on back.
3. Only one person at a time may be on the slide.
4. Always enter pool feet first. Do not somersault, twist, or dive from the slide.
5. ANYONE SIX YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER is not allowed on the slide.
6. Snorkels, goggles, or jewelry may not be worn while on the slide.
7. Keep hands in the slide at all times.

Spectator Rules

1. All spectators must remove their shoes before entering the pool area.
2. Spectators must stay in the designated areas.
3. No food, candy, gum, or drinks in the pool area.
4. No taking pictures. This is for the protection of the patrons.
5. Please do not interfere with staff or students during swimming lessons or with guards on duty.
6. All children in the spectator area must be supervised at all times by someone 18 years or older.
7. You must pay for the use of the exercise machines or weights at regular cost. Children under the age of 15 must not be in Weight and Cardio Room.