Land Use and Zoning

PLANNING & ZONING (Subdivisions & other land use’s)

1) Planning & zoning applications, may be submitted via electronically with all required documentation. Applications will still require signatures from all individuals indicated on each application prior to submission.

     Please email your plans to:

2) Any application reviews or discussion will done telephonically by calling (505) 863-1240. If we need to conduct a visual meeting we can schedule through “ZOOM.”


Planning & Development is charged with managing the use of land in the City of Gallup. Proper zoning helps avoid incompatible uses within a geographic area and balances protection of private property rights and economic development with concerns for environment and quality of life for community members.

Our 2020 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting schedule has been released.  This schedule details when the meetings are scheduled if an application has been received to be heard before our Planning & Zoning Commission or the deadline to file an appeal.  

If you have any questions and or concerns regarding applications, land use and zoning, please contact:
C.B. Strain 
Planning & Development Director 
Phone: 505.863.1240 
Fax: 505.722.5131