Your Fire Department is an “All Hazards” Fire Department and responds to a variety of Fires, Haz-Mat, Vehicle accident, Aircraft emergencies, and Technical Rope Rescue emergency and non-emergency incidents on a daily basis. We are dedicated to a high quality of care, professionalism, compassion and accountability. We hire and promote excellent employees while train on critical functions, They are current and stay abreast of industry tends to provide service that reflects a high technical excellence and professional knowledge.

At an emergency incident our fire companies quickly transition chaos to calm and rapidly and effectively mitigate emergencies to treat patients. Your Fire Departments Strategic Plan is to provide advanced life support from our cross-trained firefighters. If and when there is an emergency, we are here to help implement solutions.

Your Fire Department provides a wide range of services for the city and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

  • emergency medical services;
  • structural and wild land firefighting;
  • Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting;
  • fire prevention and inspection;
  • code enforcement;
  • hazardous materials;
  • high angle rescue;
  • CPR and first aid training and public education.  
    • Areas of coverage are the City of Gallup, Gamerco Township, and surrounding area in McKinley County. Automatic aid and Mutual Aid agreements are in place with Volunteer Fire Departments. 

      Our firefighters perform free blood pressure and blood glucose level checks at the city’s two senior citizens centers and provide standby medical coverage at many local events.

      We Will Never Forget