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Water and Energy Festival
Welcome to the City of Gallup's 10th Annual McKinley County Youth Water & Energy Festival page.  
We are excited this event once again gave critical environmental water education to our local Gallup and GMCS students. 

This year, we had a extremely successful event.  This year we had 19 professional natural resource presenters who taught  450 fourth and fifth grade students on the first day,  assisted by 100+ Miyamura and Gallup High School Volunteer students. During the second day of the Water & Energy Festival,  presenters reaching approximately 900 JFK Middle school students.   We cannot thank our volunteers and Presenters enough for making the 10th Annual McKinley County Youth Water & Energy Festival an interactive event that meets national educational benchmark standards for our local youth. 

2014 Water & Energy Awareness Day T-SHIRT Contest
All McKinley County 4th through 12th grade students were invited to enter our 2014 Water & Energy Awareness Day T-SHIRT Contest! as an ongoing promotional water-saving advertising campaign.  These students below earned awards for the First through Third place winners. 

2014 Water & Energy Awareness Day T-Shirt design contestants were from Miyamura High School and JFK Middle School, who designed wonderful new logos.  We had over 100 students submit T-Shirt designs. The first-place design becomes the official McKinley County Youth Water Awareness Day t-shirt logo to be worn and given to all attending fourth and fifth grade students and volunteers. 

                        2014 AWARD WINNING designs are from Miyamura High School winning are
                           1st Prize: Delvena Dale with a "Water & Energy Awareness Day" theme

Mr. Ohle 2014 T-Shirt Design Hour 4_Page_4.jpg

    2nd Prize: Marissa Banteah
Mr. Ohle 2014 T-Shirt Design Hour 4_Page_7.jpg

 3rd Prize Winner – Rae Ann Rodriguez
Mr. Ohle 2014 T-Shirt Design Hour 5_Page_5.jpg

The 2014 JFK Middle School AWARD WINNING designs are
    1st Prize: Kobe Sam with a “Water Is Life" design
JFK Mid T-Shirt Design 2014_Page_27.jpg
2nd Prize: Shelbie White
JFK Mid T-Shirt Design 2014_Page_08.jpg
    3rd Prize Winner: Heaven Lopez
Gallup Mid T-Shirt Design_Page_02.jpg

We commend the artists who created and submitted fantastic 2014 Water & Energy Festival designs, they are amazing!

By targeting students and instilling conservation habits in youth. We encourage students to bring water education home to our Gallup families and surrounding communities, which depend on the same
aquifers as the city.


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