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Posted on: April 11, 2018


On April 10, 2018, at 0951 hours, Gallup Police Department responded to a possible kidnapping call.  The complainant stated he received a call from an unknown person from phone number 524-939-343-567 stating they have his daughter and were demanding he go to the bank and withdraw $300 or they will take his daughter to Mexico.  Officers arrived on scene and met with alleged victims parents.  Their daughter was located with her grandmother and was found safe.  The investigation revealed this was a scam.  The Gallup Police Department spoke with representatives from other area law enforcement agencies and learned they are receiving the same type of report.  In some instances, the scammers are calling and stating their relatives are under arrest and directing the person to send them bail money. Or the scammers are advising victims there is warrant out for their arrest and will be arrested if they don't pay the fines.

In this article coming from the northeast area of the country  ( the kidnapping scam starts with a phone call. Scammers will call the victim and ask specific questions, while secretly recording the victim's responses.  Providence police Detective Capt. Michael Correia said the scammers ask generic questions to not raise suspicion. "What they're trying to elicit from you is your voice, 'I'm OK.' That type of stuff. Reassuring, but yet a sense of urgency," said Correia, describing how the scammers lure the victims to speak while being recorded.

Then, the scammers call a family member or friend of the victim and make up an elaborate story about the victim being in a car accident.

They play clips of the victim's previously recorded voice on the call to make it appear like the car accident is real.

 If you get a phone call that is suspicious and you don't know the phone number and it starts, 'We have somebody and there's been an accident.' Or,  'We have your loved one.' Slow down. Slow the process down. Call the police. Before you go to the bank or go home and get money and wire it, call the police. 

Contact Gallup Police at (505)722-2002 to file a report or 911 in the event of an emergency.  For non-emergencies call (505)863-9365.

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