National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

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It’s Time to Participate in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation

Contest time is April 1st—30th, 2018

Pledge Daily your conservation efforts online, visit:

Choose from a series of informative, easy-to-use pledges aimed at reducing water and energy use.

Participants, in winning cities, are eligible to win hundreds of prizes such as $5,000 in Utility Payments. Residents can nominate or select a local charity for a chance to win a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Charities with the most votes, within winning cities, will then be entered to win the new car.

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the country to find which city can be the most water wise. Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category wins. The City of Gallup is competing in the 5,000—29,999+ category. Help us pledge to protect our most precious, critical resources.

           (Note: Pledges must be made during the April 1-30, 2018 entry period to be counted)

About the Wyland Foundation

Founded in 1993 by environmental artist Wyland (renowned for environmental marine artistry such as 100 monumental marine life murals, paintings, prints and sculptures). The Wyland Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through community events, education programs, and public art projects.

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